What is Raymond School Foundation?

The Raymond School Foundation (RSF) is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing financial assistance to Raymond School.  RSF’s mission is to provide sustainable support to the Raymond School community with a focus on enhancing educational opportunities for the children of Raymond School.  RSF was founded by a group of local residents and is operated as an independent entity led by a volunteer Board with support of an advisory board, parents/guardians, the community, and district staff members.

Why was RSF formed?

Funds are needed to ensure Raymond School remains highly competitive by offering our children additional support and enrichment opportunities.  Taxpayer resources are very limited.  One of the primary goals of RSF is to offer a tax deductible way to partner with taxpayers so critical needs of the school can be met.

What types of projects will you support?

RSF seeks to fund projects that support the Raymond School community with a focus on enhancing educational opportunities for the children of Raymond School.  RSF’s first project was the Panther Safety Zone and Den, which is a secure main entrance with administrative offices moved adjacent to the entry door.  The primary reasons this project was chosen include:  Visibility – we wanted a prominent and visible first initiative.  Every visitor entering Raymond School will see the good work we as a community have been able to accomplish.  Necessity – stories in the media underscore the importance of a safe entrance to the school.  Raymond School did not have a “safe entrance” design that many newer schools now incorporate.  Visitors were buzzed in and asked to sign in at the office entry way photo.jpgacross the hall from the entrance.  The new safe entrance incorporates 3 locked doors and 2 visible points of contact with administrative staff before a visitor is allowed into the heart of the school.  While no entryway guarantees the safety of our children, this design is superior to the current entryway.

In the future, RSF intends to provide additional funding for Raymond School in areas such as technology, facilities and co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Check out our current ideas for opportunities in the school here.

Why give to the Raymond School Foundation?

Because we are a proud community and we can make a difference.  Parents, grandparents, alumni and friends like you assure that Raymond School can continue to transform lives.  Gifts like yours are investments in our children and their futures.  Your support makes the Raymond School community a better place for all of us.

Dec Positive PanthersWhere will my donation go?

Your tax deductible donation will be directed to projects which support Raymond School; RSF does not allocate funds for any other purpose other than for the direct benefit of Raymond School.

What % of my donation will go to RSF administrative costs?

ZERO!!  100% of your tax deductible donation will be directed to projects which directly support Raymond School.  All administrative costs of running RSF are absorbed by the RSF Board, which is comprised entirely of volunteers.

Who determines which projects to fund?

Upon careful consideration of needs raised by members of the Raymond School community, including the School Board, school administration and school staff, the RSF Board determines which projects to fund.  We take our stewardship responsibilities seriously, and strive to determine which projects have the greatest impact on the educational experience of Raymond School students.

RSF provides an avenue for caring donors to make meaningful contributions that will directly benefit the school.  For larger donations, the RSF Board will ensure the funds are properly cared for and distributed consistent with the donor’s wishes.  RSF provides an opportunity to pass wealth directly to the benefit of a worthy institution – Raymond School.

Does the RSF Board report to the School Board or Raymond School’s District Administrator?

No.  RSF is an independent entity, run and controlled by a volunteer Board.  RSF purposely strives to maintain a strong working relationship with the School Board, but does not report to the School Board.  In addition, the District Administrator attends most RSF Board meetings in an advisory role, but does not have voting rights.  The District Administrator has been a huge champion of RSF, and the RSF Board benefits by his active involvement as an advisor.

How does RSF differ from PTO?

RSF fully supports a strong PTO, and is proud of Raymond School and the community’s history of supporting Raymond School’s PTO.  RSF is looking to attract new funding for the school, and is specifically not interested in directing donations away from PTO.  RSF plans to fund more substantial projects than the PTO has in the past.  In addition, RSF’s focus will include improving upon the building infrastructure, which is not an objective of the Raymond School PTO.

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